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On January 1st 2017, Socha Dev will formally merge with Taoti, a Washington, D.C. based digital agency! We are extremely excited about this new opportunity, and are so grateful to all of the friends who have helped us come this far. Here's to the future!

Hello, world. We are
Socha Dev

a white-label web and app development shop built to help your team succeed. We specialize in overflow, triage and problem solving services.

Give us your strategy, designs, requirements, API docs or let us help create them. We turn it all into a beautiful, fully functioning application.

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Sometimes you just have more work than you can handle. Sometimes a great contract comes along, but you're not sure if it warrants bringing on a new full-time developer. Socha Dev has you covered.


Projects go off the rails. The freelancer or new developer you hired isn't working out, the project is due in two weeks, and it doesn't work. We will assess your situation and make it happen.

Problem Solving

Making great projects happen can be a tricky business. Some projects are a slam dunk. Some require careful thinking and experienced engineering. Some projects have annoying bugs in them. Socha Dev will figure it out.

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Ready to get started? We'd love to learn more about your project. If you need material for the boss or board: here's an executive summary

Our Team

Our team members live and work across the US — connected with some neat apps in a workflow designed to incorporate great ideas throughout a project's life cycle.

We love it when a plan comes together.

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