Socha Dev

Executive Summary

Socha Dev is a white-label web and app development shop built to help your team succeed. We specialize in overflow, triage and problem solving services. We work in the development phase of projects -- you give us your strategy, designs, requirements, API docs and any other pertinents -- we turn it all in to a beautiful, fully functioning application.

History & Successes

Socha Dev was born in early 2011 when principal Jason Socha realized that the development community needed a reliable, expert A-Team to turn to in times of need. We've worked with some of the best & brightest dev teams in the nation to help plan and execute successful projects, be they web sites, web applications, APIs, or other. A lot of these systems have been heavy on Drupal for the past few years and many of our staff have attained high levels of Drupal expertise.

Case Studies

A few happy clients include The Chronicle of Higher Education, Discovery Communications, RepEquity, Interactive Strategies, IWS, and Seabourne. There are more, but as a white-label dev shop, it's sometimes against the rules to tell you about them!

Discovery Education

When Discovery Education decided to switch their catalog of web sites to Drupal we were there to help. We engaged in technical consulting, architecture, and development services for over 30 of their leading web properties. Today, we provide ongoing support for the staging and production environment in a single, multisite instance of Drupal on the Acquia platform. We also develop custom apps using Phalcon and Slim to support a number of scholarship and education opportunities that Discovery Education provides in conjunction with their corporate partners.


RepEquity is one of DC’s premier digital strategy and online brand management firms. We’ve done a lot of great work together over the years — when RepEquity needs expert consulting on an architecture, coding help on a build, or extra brain power on a sticky problem — they call Socha Dev first.


When AAAS (publisher of world-renowned Science magazine) began rebuilding their complex online publishing system in Drupal, they turned to Socha Dev for support and expertise. Working closely with their internal dev team, we developed many custom Drupal modules and theme elements and provided ad-hoc maintenance on several legacy systems. Socha Dev built a robust, unified publishing platform that an organization of their caliber requires — tailored to accommodate their unique needs.

Working with Seabourne, Socha Dev helped to lead the porting of the FCC’s site into Drupal. This build involved a wide variety of custom Drupal modules to integrate with backend FCC systems as well as some tricky thinking to work within the guidelines and restrictions of a high-security, high-traffic federal agency web site. Socha Dev also helped with prototyping and development of the FCC’s slick customizable dashboard application, MyFCC.

The Cook Political Report

While not widely known to the masses, The Cook Political Report has been described as “The bible of the political community.” Tracking every race and candidate for House, Senate, President, and Governor in the U.S., the site is a data monster. When the Cook organization hired Home Front Communications to restructure and rebuild their web presence, Socha Dev was there to lead all aspects of architecture and development. The site handles subscription payments, MailChimp integration, and many other custom data-driven features.

The National Press Club

Working with Home Front Communications, Socha Dev was the lead developer on the National Press Club’s port to Drupal, including work on custom modules, CSPAN integration, and a variety of custom calendar / event widgets.

Channel Democracy

IWS is a web and marketing shop with a nation-wide customer base of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and advocacy organizations. They needed architecture and development help with Channel Democracy, a white-label online advocacy system. Socha Dev stepped up to the plate and hit a homer.

Team Members

Jason Socha

With 20+ years of experience in coding, most of that web-related, Jason is proficient in many of the major (and several of the minor) languages and standards that make the internet useful. He is a specialist in PHP architecture and development and tends to focus on server-side application development. He also loves JavaScript, both client and server-side. Jason lives on the business side of things mostly these days, but still gets his hands dirty often enough. Recent work includes leading development on such larger projects as and (The Nat’l Press Club) (both Drupal), among many others.

Matt West

Matt lives in Rochester, NY and has been developing for the web for almost 15 years. He has a B.S. in IT and a M.S. in International Business from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY. While in school Matt was one of 900 students to participate in the Google Summer of Code program. He worked with Geeklog CMS and developed an installation UI that made the CMS more friendly to install and even supported 3rd party plugins and migrations from older versions. In later years Matt participated in the Summer of Code program as a student mentor. After spending a few years working in the academic world, Matt joined Our Hometown, a small web development company that develops and hosts websites for newspapers from all over the U.S. Matt led the company’s migration of 200 customer sites to Drupal.

Nate Mow

Nate serves as the Development Foreman at Socha Dev, guiding the team and making sure functional deliverables are completed according to spec. Nate is a senior Drupal developer that has built dozens of sites over the years for a wide variety of government, non-profit and private sector clients. These days, Nate is becoming increasingly obsessed with all things JavaScript, shell scripting, and generally just enhancing the dev machinery at Socha Dev through automation, testing and process improvement. When not actively creating great sites for clients or cracking his fiery foreman whip (and sometimes in parallel), Nate also enjoys tinkering with front-end stack du jour and giving back to the open source community however possible — including helping to lead the DC Drupal Meetup group.

Jeff Eoff

Jeff cut his teeth in the ANSI art scene of the BBS heyday before the popularity of the internet. He fondly recalls the sound of modems handshaking. He first got involved with programming in the BBS modification scene of the late nineties. Later he would go on to study software development in college, where he developed a love of beautiful software and intuitive interfaces. During college, Jeff worked in the dental software industry, supporting UNIX serial networks. In 2006 he became a systems architect working primarily with internal, home-grown web apps for workforce management. In this role, Jeff developed a love for JavaScript and CSS, quickly becoming the go-to architect for other developers looking to improve their front-end designs and simplify user interactions.

Tory Gobat

While majoring in a cross-disciplinary program called Digital Media Design Tory picked up a variety of experience in object-oriented programming – and the realization that design was not so much her forte. Maintaining appreciation for the visual nonetheless, she soon found her niche in web development via a couple of summer internships. After graduating, Tory boarded the Drupal bandwagon via her first full-time position and was soon writing custom modules and themes alongside honing front-end development skills. Several years later, she has many Drupal 6 and 7 websites under her belt for clients such as the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the American Postal Workers Union. Tory is known for getting intimate with the Drupal core APIs and writing paragraph-length code comments.

Martyn Green

For the past 15 years Martyn has worked in the field of web technology. He has pursued a successful, varied career that has encompassed visual design, interaction design, front-end development, audio-visual production and management of web and mobile applications on both a small and large scale. He was won awards for design, accessibility and managed highly successful projects for Government agencies, publishers, associations, universities and Fortune 500 businesses including the National Archives in London and Science Magazine in the US. He is a motivated, creative problem solver and strong team player. He thrives on doing excellent work with excellent colleagues. He has a degree in Physics and Geophysics.

Mark Mahon

Mark Mahon is a web developer with 10 years of experience encompassing the full project life cycle within multiple different disciplines including development, project management, architecture and process improvement. Starting as a teenager with an innate interest in HTML with the likes of Geocities he grew in to a PHP developer in his early twenties. Mark began his love affair with Drupal in 2012 serving government clients including HHS, CDC and the DoE at the American Institutes for Research. Since that time he has become a seasoned Drupal expert participating both in community activities locally in D.C. as well as contributing to issue queue management and grooming on He also has strong interests in configuration management, well groomed documentation and beer.


We work with many open source tools to build great apps and sites for our clients. We use PHP frameworks, Drupal, TDD and BDD suites, CI services and a slew of front-end tools to complete projects, end-to-end. We also provide full-stack JavaScript development expertise using many tools such as Node.js, Express, AngularJS, Meteor, RESTful APIs and NoSQL databases. And don’t worry — it’s okay if none of this means anything to you — we just want you to know that we know all of it.

Socha Dev issue lifecycle

An illustration of the Socha Dev issue lifecycle, courtesy of Martyn Green.

Thank you for your interest in Socha Dev — we look forward to working with you.

References available upon request — call or email any time (t) 608-213-9838 (e) contact at sochadev dot com.